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Where is AI research going

What I'm not currently not interested in doing

  • renting GPUs
  • training my own models
  • collecting and cleaning training data
  • trying to create data pipelines
  • spending hours trying to build something, and not using the built thing
  • doing the work of a data engineer
  • creating a "data flywheel" or a self-maintaining system that can learns continually

Instead, I'm more interested in the below.

The concepts behind the models

Where things in the field are going

How can I be a better user of AI, as opposed to how to become a creator or maintainer of AI systems

  • Try using prompts from :ChatGPTActAs

What are expected near future business applications of machine learning models?

After watching the videos above, don't forget to write some notes to summarize the key ideas and specific topics/threads to look into more